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FTF Group have supplied their latest generation (X-Wing®) of ‘Radiant’ Passive Multiservice Chilled Beams (MSCB’s) to this four-storey 64,000ft² building which is designed to accommodate their Computer Science facilities.

FTF Group Climate unveils its latest hard copy and electronic download literature "Chilled Beam Architecture & Design", showcasing how FTF Group’s varied chilled beam solutions can be used in different building environments.

FTF Group Climate supplies the University of Washington’s - New Life Sciences building in Seattle with its latest generation X-Wing® ‘Radiant’ Passive Chilled Beams.

Due to good planning and precise packaging FTF Group can maximise the amount of chilled beams into shipping containers more efficiently than ever before.

FTF Group successfully deliver "Radiant" Passive chilled beams to Sydney Olympic Park