Chilled Beam Architecture & Design

FTF Group Climate unveils its latest hard copy and electronic download literature "Chilled Beam Architecture & Design", showcasing how FTF Group’s varied chilled beam solutions can be used in different building environments, including:


  • Active and passive Multiservice Chilled Beam (MSCB) units in commercial multi-storey office blocks.
  • Active chilled beams integrated into a variety of ceiling systems (e.g. Perforated metal systems, plasterboard, and mineral fibre tile ceilings).
  • Free hanging/exposed active chilled beams, employing the use of extruded aluminum “Coanda Wings” to ensure air velocities within the occupied space are the best possible and comply with Ashrae 55 standard for thermal comfort.
  • “Radiant” passive chilled beams installed behind perforated ceiling systems.
  • Exposed “Radiant” passive chilled beams. Including Barangaroo C2 (International House Sydney) designed by Tzannes Architects which is the first commercial office building (85,100ft² of office space) in Australia made completely from timber.
  • Specially designed easy to clean healthcare active chilled beams in hospitals and medical centres around the world.
  • Various types of chilled beams (and Multiservice Radiant Panels) used in educational institutions.
  • Many other different public space applications where our chilled beams are being successfully delivered.


It is widely accepted that chilled beam technology provides the optimum in room occupancy comfort and is an extremely energy efficient cooling solution, with minimal to virtually maintenance free terminal units. The only perceived draw back was flexibility, however nowadays architects and building designers are proving that chilled beams can be designed to fit within changeable environments. This brochure highlights the flexibility of FTF Group’s Multiservice Chilled Beams (MSCB’s) to be easily converted from open plan office workspaces into cellular offices and meeting rooms.

Multiservice Chilled Beam in Open Plan Office

 Multiservice Chilled Beam in Cellular Office

Architects are finding inventive ways to use Chilled Beams as decorative features to enhance a building’s aesthetic as well as its functionality. Integrating services such as lighting, presence detection, sprinkler heads, fire alarm sounders, acoustic insulation, speakers and smoke detectors into one pre-fabricated (100% offsite) streamlined unit with “Plug n Play” facility allows overall costs and site build programme time to be significantly reduced, and provides a single point of contact for all building services, while creating the desired aesthetics with increased volumetric space.


FTF Group’s in-house lighting design and development department keeps up to date with the cutting edge of LED lighting technology for use within their chilled beam solutions. This brochure features a sample of previously produced lighting options, including continuous lighting via extruded polycarbonate diffusers/optics (fire rated), symmetric and asymmetric lighting louvres and micro linear prismatic multi layered optics in extruded aluminum side profiles to a variety of shapes to create different aesthetics.


Click the link to view the digital version of the “Chilled Beam Architecture & Design” literature.