Compact™ - Active Chilled Beam

Compact is one of the FTF Group's latest range of high performance Chilled Beams. Energy efficiency has been a key driver for such advancements in the FTF Group's Chilled Beam Technology.

Compact is only 5.2" deep and can achieve up to 1039.7 BTU/hr/ft total cooling (based on 18dTF and 16.7 CFM/ft for a 5.9ft long beam, supplied at 60.8°F with a 0.4"H20).

The Compact beam contains a number of Patent pending performance enhancing features and as can be expected from the FTF Group's brand, the Compact beam is designed to be easily tailored to suit the unique parameters of individual project sites, for the optimum product / system efficiencies. This is partly achieved by the "burst nozzle" arrangement that not only encourages induction, but also reduces noise. Given the size and amount of burst nozzles being appropriately quantified for each project, this provides consistent jet velocities, equal distribution of the air discharge and continuous induction through the heat exchanger (battery). There are no dead spots due to plugging back nozzles from a standard pitch or having to adjust the pressure in the system to suit the amount of open standard nozzle sizes as associated with many competitors' active beams as dead spots and / or reduced jet velocities decrease their cooling capacities / efficiencies.

Heat exchanger batteries are also fitted with extruded aluminum profiles to not only enhance performance but also provide a continuous clip on facility for the underplates. This arrangement keeps the underplates true and flat for long lengths, even up to 11.8ft.

Compact beams all have a "closed back", this means that all induced air (recirculated room air) is induced through the underplate within the room space to avoid any need for perimeter flash gaps and / or openings in the ceiling system. This also provides for a better quality of recirculated air as the recirculated air does not mix with any air from the ceiling void. The induction ratio of Compact is typically 4-5 times that of the supply air (fresh air) rate.

The Compact Chilled Beam outer casing is constructed from extruded aluminum and zintec pressed steel. The casing facilitates an aluminum burst nozzle strip (project specific) and a high performance heat exchange battery constructed from copper and aluminum. Beams are available in lengths from 2ft up to 11.8ft in 3.9" increments. Typically 2ft wide (1.6ft wide is also available).

Compact Active Chilled BeamIn addition to Compact's high cooling performance capability of in excess of 952.1 BTU/hr/ft, Compact can operate well and induce at low air volumes, as little as 1.9 CFM/ft and even with a low static pressure of just 0.2"H20. Likewise Compact can handle high air volumes up to 19.3 CFM/ftand up to 0.5"H20. Please note however that these high air volumes should be avoided wherever possible and are the absolute maximum and should not ever be exceeded. As a “rule of thumb” 16.1 CFM/ft from a 2 way discharge beam is the maximum for occupancy comfort compliance to BS EN 7730.

Compact can have integrated heating with separate connections (2 pipe connections for cooling and 2 pipes for heating).

The maximum total supply air for the product is limited to 106 CFM. If the total air volume is more than 106 CFM or if you require increased heating performance, refer to the Ultima™ active chilled beams by the FTF Group. Visually both units appear identical from the underside.


At a glance

  • Shallow Depth (only 5.2").
  • High output "1039.7 BTU/hr/ft".
  • Optimise discharge nozzle sizes and pitch factory set to best suit project requirements.
  • Coanda effect is initiated within the beam.
  • Smooth curved discharged slot as opposed to traditional faceted discharge slots for improved aesthetics.
  • Discharge veins are concealed within the beam for improved aesthetics.
  • Fan shape distribution for increased occupancy comfort.
  • Unique fast fixing of removable underplates that prevents any sagging even on long beam lengths of 11.8ft
  • Various different perforation patterns available for removable underplates
  • Multiple manifold variants to enable reduced chilled (and LTHW, if applicable) water mass flow rates to be facilitated for increased energy efficiencies.
  • Operates well at "Low Pressure" and "Low Air Volume" for increased energy efficiencies.
  • Provides indoor climate in accordance with BS EN ISO 7730.


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 Compact Product Brochure (Imperial)

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Compact Product Brochure (Metric)

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