Principles and Benefits of Active Chilled Beams

FTF Group designs, manufactures and supplies a range of active chilled beams. They draw upon high performance technologies and patented design features to deliver efficient cooling to commercial, educational and healthcare environments.

The cooling batteries that characterise FTF Group's range of active chilled beams enables the units to deliver unrivalled levels of cooling capacity with a given air volume. The units are so efficient that they can provide in excess of 142.8 BTU/hr/ft with fresh airsupply of as little as 16.7 CFM/ft.

Active chilled beam units are designed to integrate into suspended ceiling systems. They fit easily into the most common ceiling designs and have removable faceplates that can be perforated to match perforated metal ceilings where required.

Active cooling systems are also designed to ensure very low noise levels. They incorporate a patented nozzle design which delivers cool air to the room very quietly, and makes them suitable for discreet installation in hotels, offices, hospitals and schools/universities.

Where greater air volumes are being delivered the FTF Group's Active Chilled Beam technology utilises patented air chamber design to generate a coanda effect within the chilled beam itself and variable air distribution patterns avaliable such as a fan shape distribution to create a short air throw even with high air volumes. This fan shape distribution makes it possible to achieve a low draft risk as the short air throw avoids converging air streams when two active beams positioned side by side.