Modula - Radiant Heating Panel

Modula is an unobtrusive modular heating cassette. The cassettes are manufactured from 18 gauge smooth-faced steel panels and are designed to be integrated within a standard exposed grid ceiling system. Copper pipes are expanded under pressure into extruded aluminum pipe seats to give high metal-to-metal contact and the pipe seats are then securely fixed to the rear of the steel panels. Consequently, the arrangement delivers excellent heat transfer characteristics. Panels are insulated with 1" thick class ‘O’ foil wrapped mineral wool insulation. The technology employed in the construction of the cassette results in very high heating capacity at low water mass flow rates.


Modula has been specifically developed for use in schools and healthcare environments, where a smooth faced simple-to install panel with high heating capacity is the preferred solution. 

Standard Features

  • modular system to fit into 2ft exposed grid ceiling.
  • modular lengths; 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft.
  • panel depth 1¾" smooth faced, unobtrusive design.
  • 196 BTU/hr/ft2 @ 99 dtK room (mwt - room temp).
  • standard polyester finish RAL 9010 (20% gloss).
  • water connections: ½" OD Copper, to EN12449 / EN12735-2
  • weight: less then 4.3lb/ft2


Connection Possibilities

water: vertical, same end for flow and return
Alternative options available upon request.



The unit has no moving parts, and therefore maintenance requirement is limited to periodic cleaning of the surface of the panel with a soapy sponge and drying with a cotton towel.



Standard fixing arrangement from the structural soffit using rigid or flexible wire hangers (supplied by others), suspended via pre punched keyhole slots. 


For simplicity and flexibility we recommend that flexible stainless steel braided EPDM hoses are used to connect the Modula panel.


Download Information

Product Brochure
acrobat-10-iconModula Standard Performance Product Brochure (PDF - 0.8MB)
  Product Brochure
acrobat-10-iconModula High Performance Product Brochure (PDF - 0.8MB)